Value Chain Development

Target value chains include Honey, Horticulture, staples, and pulses.  The organization is focused to provide end to end value chain solution-farmer recruitment, group/cluster formation, capacity development on leadership and good Agricultural practices, market development, and creation of community-based financial services schemes e.g VSLAs. Agro-ecological practices are integrated into the production systems geared towards addressing healthy related challenges that may arise with the use of synthetic farm inputs. Agrisafe Kenya limited develops and/or strengthens existing market systems of the value chains’ products underpinned on a sustainable model to deliver value to both smallholder producers and the end consumers. This is carried out with the producer’s interest at heart. Community-based commercialization models are utilized to maximize value chain output and gains to the producer.

Extension and consultancy services

Agrisafe Kenya Limited has a pool of professionals of diverse skills, knowledge, and expertise. Our areas of expertise include: Agronomy, Beekeeping, farm management, Agri-business, market systems development, and Value chain analysis-among others

Organization’s Blueprint Summary

Our Approach

Background on bee swarm nestling in wooden hive on apiary.

 Beekeeping, pulses and staples value chains

The operational model is an all-inclusive business approach, creating an opportunity that enables smallholder producers/beekeepers and their groups/associations to become resilient thriving business partners in the supply chain. To this end, Agrisafe Kenya Limited provides technical backstopping on good Agricultural Practices and Market Development (buys or creates market linkages) for the products. The company promotes access/use of affordable modern technologies that minimize harvesting and post-harvest losses.

Agrisafe Kenya Limited operates in a business model where smallholder farmers/ beekeepers are mobilized from the village level and subsequently registered to a pool. They are grouped into producer groups; whose membership is about 30. At the producer group level, smallholder farmers/beekeepers’ capacities are developed on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), an intensive training aimed at equipping the smallholder producers with in-depth knowledge and skill to make them better managers of their farms.

Horticulture and Fruits

Export market is the main target while promoting local consumption of the value chains targeted. An out-grower and/or farmer contracting model will be employed to ensure supply volumes are met sustainably.